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There’s a reason Mercedes Benz is known for producing cars that are the most advanced, most refined, most coveted on the market; they invented cars.

Karl Benz was granted the patent for the creation of the first gasoline-powered engine, and six years later, in 1885, he created his first motorcar. By 1893, 25 Benz cars had been sold. The first Mercedes-Benz cars were produced in 1925, after Benz’s company was merged with Gottlieb Daimler’s companies.

Since then, Mercedes has stood continually on the edge of innovation, responsible for inventing technology such as brake assist, stability control, seat belt pre-tensioners, traction control and airbags. Mercedes were the first manufacturer to produce a car with breaks on all four wheels.

Today, Mercedes-Benz sells a large variety of luxury passenger cars, divided into 15 ‘classes’. Whether it’s the compact A-Class, the off-road durability of the GL-Class or the legendary SL-Class sports car, a new Mercedes-Benz represents contemporary design, state-of the art features and the final word in luxury.

Mercedes-Benz is heavily involved in a number of motorsports, including a partnership with McLaren in international Formula One competition. Lewis Hamilton finished the Australian Grand Prix in first place for the team in 2008.

Mercedes-Benz has made commitments to hybrid and electric-car technology, including unveiling the first hybrid car to use a lithium ion battery at a recent tradeshow.

With dozens of manufacturing or assembly facilities around the world, Mercedes-Benz is known for not only producing exceptional cars, but buses, vans and trucks for commercial use. As if the company needed greater recognition, possibly the ultimate seal of approval, the custom ‘Pope-mobile’ is a Mercedes-Benz.